Past Events

NJ Association of Black Psychologists 45th Anniversary Celebration

Past, Present, and Future Presidents of the NJPA, NJABPsi, and the LMHANJ celebrate their joint efforts as the Inter Mental Health & Psychological Association Coalition (IMPAC) at ABPsi's 45 Anniversary Gala. From left to right Drs.: Morgan Murray (NJPA Current President), Joseph Connell (NJABPsi Past President), Lucy Takagi (NJPA President Elect), Charlena Sears (NJABPsi Past President), Abisola Gallagher (NJABPsi Past President), Jesselly De La Cruz (LMHANJ President Elect), Ricardo Martinez (LMHANJ Current President), and Monique Swift (NJABPsi Current President).


"Mental Health in the Latinx Community"
Hispanic Heritage Month Presentation
Wednesday, Sept. 18th
Rider University 



LMHANJ Networking Event at Catas, Newark NJ - Sept. 20th, 2018

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Opioid Abuse Prevention Conference, Camden, NJ  - Sept. 20th, 2018

L-R: Iris Novas Cooney, Carol Brush, Yvette Alvarez, Ricardo Matinez, Marcy Rodriguez, Tyesha Pichardo, Alminda D'Agostino, Romelyn Dones, Jesselly De La Cruz, and Elvin Santiago

2017 Inaugural LMHANJ Conference